Lavender Seersucker Shirt

Here is a quick look at  my latest shirt:

Before the buttons:






I have been working on instruction to go with the shirt pattern.   That is not so much fun.

I am also in the process of revising this pattern.  One of the redesigns has to do with the sleeve cap:

SIZE43hv1_Sleeve BoardSIZE43hv1_Sleeve Board


The sleeve cap in PPD-0101 is a bit flatter  which yields more ease of movement but also produces excess fabric under the arm when the arm is in the relaxed position.

Other changes for PPD0102 are

  1. Redesigned collar
  2. Redesigned cuffs
  3. More ease in the forearm

Also in the preliminary stages of developing a women’s pattern

Here is  Ms. Mini Ten  (Half scale form)




2 thoughts on “Lavender Seersucker Shirt”

  1. I like the new version of the collar. And as always I’m impressed with your immaculate sewing. My buttonholes are a disaster :-/

    Looking forward to see more of the Ms. Mini Ten pattern. I’m interested in what kind (if any) of additional darts are you planning on?

    1. Thank you for your support. I have spent a lot of time developing the button-hole technique. I will put that on the blog in the future. As to the women’s pattern, I haven’t got a clue what I am doing. I am just getting started learning the shape challenges.

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