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Shirts that I have made

The Red Shirt

The red shirt project:



Dyed cotton broadcloth,  now to be turned into a shirt:


  • (1) The front panels with front plackets.
  • (2 & 3) Yoke and Back attached to the Front.
  • (4 & 5) The Sleeves and Cuffs
  • (6) The collar,  Buttons and Button holes

RedShirt-3 RedShirt-5 RedShirt-4RedShirt-6RedShirt-7RedShirt-8

Here is the result with a tie



And on me:



The next shirt:  Power Pink


Fascinating  detail emerges:


Thanks for Reading



The Aqua Shirt


The Aqua shirt is done.

In addition to the new collar experiment, I was also experimenting with some changes  to the sleeve and sleeve cap design.Aqua6


Here is the sleeve with placket sewn into position.

The sleeve and side seams are flat felled however I am still not very good at.   Getting better  bit by bit.


And the cuffs.   Another experiment –  location and style of the pleat on the cuff. Here I tried a box pleat on the outside of the sleeve.

And the final result



Continuing on the dyeing experiments:


I dyed this using the technique described in the book  “Color by Accident”  by Ann Johnston.

This was my first attempt and it was very easy to do.

Next I will make a shirt of this and see what it looks like.


Thanks for reading.