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The  PPD-0102 shirt pattern is available (download below).

I apologize for not having finished garment pictures to show,  I have not had enough time.   As I make more shirts I will put up the photos.  These photos show my current work in progress,   using an ivory twill fabric.

The Back
PPD-0102 The Back

Revisions to PPD-0101 include:

  • Improved arm scye
  • more ease in the forearm
  • Improvements to the collar and collarstand shape (see Collar stand and Fall)
  • Slightly modified hem lines in front and back.

The pattern is  developed based on ASTM adult male body dimensions.  I produced pattern sizes ranging from 34 to 52 in half inch increments.

The following link will open a file of “finished garment dimensions”

PPD-0102 Finished Garment Dimensions

The patterns below are listed by “size” where “size”  is the usual chest measurement.   My recommendation for how to choose a pattern size is as follows:

Start with the shoulder-point-to-shoulder-point  distance across the back.   Across the BackMeasure this distance on the body.  Add about 1/4in  for ease.   Find  this length in the ” Back Shoulder Width”  column of the  Finished Garment Dimensions Table and identify that pattern “size”. That is probably the best pattern for you to start with.  Adjustments will need to be made (unless you have the same measurements as ASTM man,  (lucky you)) but the fit through the shoulders should be good.

Note,  this pattern is not for the novice  sewist.   While I don’t believe that it is too complex, it definitely requires some experience sewing shirts.    Especially since I have not finished putting together any instructions yet.

Here are the pattern .zip files

The .zip file contains 11  .pdf  files.  Since I am planning for the home sewist who may be printing at home,  I broke the pattern file into separate pieces.

  • The Yoke
  • The Front
  • The Back
  • The Button Down Collar  (also contains the collar stand)
  • Spread Collar and Collar Band
  • Sleeve (also contains the sleeve plackets)
  • The Cuff(1)  a mitered corner barrel cuff
  • The Cuff(2) a rounded corner barrel cuff
  • The Cuff(3) a french cuff
  • The Full Plot (42in by 74in)
  • A Test Page

On the Test Page ( and in all of the files )  is a 1 inch grid.  Measure the grid after you print it and be sure that it is 1 inch   in both directions. If it is not then you will need to play with the scale settings in the print dialog until it is.

The pattern contains 13 pattern pieces numbered as follows:

  • 1 – Yoke
  • 2- Front
  • 3- Back
  • 4- Button Down Collar
  • 5- Collar Stand
  • 6- Spread Collar
  • 7- Collar Band
  • 8- Sleeve
  • 9- Sleeve Under Placket
  • 10- Sleeve Over Placket
  • 11- Mitered Barrel Cuff
  • 12- Rounded Barrel Cuff
  • 13- French Cuff

The collar options are:

  • Button Down Collar
  • Wide Spread Collar
  • Collar Band

The cuff options are:

  • Mitered Barrel Cuff
  • Rounded Barrel Cuff
  • French  Cuff




Eventually there will be …

  • A  step by step  construction guide
  • More  photos of finished garments
  • Custom sizes available

The patterns are free,  however, if you would like the full layout (42in by 74in)  for a pattern printed on velum,  I will print it and ship it to you for $20 (within the U.S.)  which just covers the cost of printing and shipping.

If you have any questions  please  contact me at:


Martin Partlan









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